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Behavioral interventions such as those provided by Creative Solutions for All Abilities enable individuals to exert more control over their environment and behavior helping them to attain realistic goals. Our company's mission is to promote empowerment. Our goal is to enable an individual to better express themselves in more appropriate ways to diffuse behavioral issues for themselves as well as parents and caregivers. By clarifying available choices, providing safe environments, teaching self-management techniques and independent living skills, we help a person to have more control in the environments frequented.

Behavioral interventions have specific measurable outcomes; such as the change in the frequency of a behavior. These measurable outcomes allow our staff to have an accurate assessment of a procedure's effectiveness, which enables us to make modifications quickly to an individual program for a better desired outcome.

Our home based interventions are centered on family preservation. Our priority is to center everything we do on individualized needs and to identify where that all fits into your family's lifestyle. We subscribe to this philosophy and as such our recommendations are simple and practical striving to complement your familial culture. This can include behavioral strategies, learning functional play skills, enhancing sibling relationships, and daily living skills works with a primary focus on increasing independence for socially significant behaviors.

- Difficulties with daily routine (including activities of daily living such as showering, bedtime, mealtimes, or community outings)
- Difficulty in development of peer relationships
- Hyperactivity or difficulty focusing
- Anxiety or apprehension related to various causes or contributors
- Disorganization
- Disruptive behaviors: Hitting, Kicking, Spitting, Verbal Aggression, Self-Injurious Behaviors, Environmental Destruction
- Difficulty with development in behavioral systems or interventions
- Difficulty with implementing strategies consistently


Our approach to therapeutic interventions enables us to deliver services in a variety of settings specific to individual needs including familial or school related priorities. Creative Solutions for All Abilities provides in home and school bound services for children and adults. We also support our clients in unique settings such as after school programs or community based experiences to broaden and generalize skills. This technique of delivering services allows us to observe and manage behavior in real-life situations and to provide caregivers consistent approaches for everyday life.

Advocacy work at CSFAA Is professional support on a client's (individual or caregiver) behalf in the process of determining or altering any service received by that client. Clients contracted for this service may request staff attendance of educational planning and placement team (PPT) meetings or any other service with reliance on staff expertise to best achieve an outcome that serves the client's best interest in that regard. Clients are often caregivers of children or adolescents with developmental disabilities or behavioral needs.


Job Coaching at CSFAA Is assisting a client with any element of his or her employment including, but not limited to, 1:1 work alongside client in actual work setting, applicable work skill development and practice, and/or follow-up regarding client progress. Clients are individuals of working age, often with limitations that interfere with success in the workplace when individual is without support.

Behavioral Consultation services at CSFAA can be defined as staff advisement and/or supervision of CSFAA-developed programming and/or existing behavioral programs in various professional/educational settings. Clients can include individuals (or caregivers) who have contracted for this service privately, or established individuals in one of the several school districts in which CSFAA contracts with.


Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) services at CSFAA is the implementation of ABA teaching models (specifically Discrete Trial Training — DTT), the science in which tactics derived from the principles of behavior to improve socially significant behavior and experimentation is used to identify the variables responsible for the improvement in behavior skills. Clients often have deficits in specific areas of function that can be converted into a data driven program book to be worked from during individual 1:1 sessions often with more than one assigned staff therapist.

Behavior Modification services at CSFAA is the process of identifying the function of socially significant behavior so as to redirect inappropriate conduct to promote client's ability to achieve a similarly satisfying outcome while engaging in a more functional or constructive act. Clients are often individuals who struggle behaviorally in regard to the safety or wellbeing of themselves or others in their environment. These services often manifest as both individual therapeutic programming as well as incorporating a caregiver, sibling, or whole family component.

Social/Behavioral Skill Enhancement services at CSFAA can be defined as the continued development and/or introduction of abstract or advanced strategies so as to promote successful client coping, Intensive focus on friendship skills, pragmatic Language, the ABC's of conversation (understanding sarcasm, figurative language, idioms, etc.), decision making, feelings and group participation (where applicable). Transitional and/or autonomous interactive evolution is the goal. Clients are typically children and adolescents with social deficits working to improve in this area.

Parent Education services at CSFAA is regular, ongoing, as needed, or short-term support for caregivers of individuals with behavioral needs as offered through consultative sessions. Clients are typically parents and caregivers seeking behavioral strategies and tools for use with children in the home.

Mentoring at CSFAA is an innovative non-traditional, community and home based program that empowers children with social skill challenges, emotional and behavioral struggles to overcome obstacles and achieve greater success at home and in the community. Sessions involve language-building activities, social pragmatic enhancement, positive peer interactions, and facilitated, structured social exposure to novel events with the goal of generalizing skills across environments.

As a unique service provider, CSFAA is often contacted by various professional or educational institutions to prepare and present training/information sessions on several topics relative to human service based on company expertise.

We provide the following series of trainings: (Additional training series available upon request.)

- Behavioral management techniques
- Developing programmatic structure
- Designing and using visual tools
- Social Facilitation
- Visual Thinking
- Aspergers Training
- Prompting and Fading — PBS

- Behavior 101 and early intervention
- Autism 101
- Incorporating sensory integration
- When Behavior Impedes Learning
- Program Options and Environmental Structure
- Data Collection
- Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Specializing in Behavior Modification