Our Approach

Services Offered  :  Rates & Session Specifics


Initial Intake
$250.00 flat fee (payable on intake day)

Monthly Billing
Direct Service Sessions: $65.00/hr-$125.00/hr
(depending on provider and service) Prices subject to change.

Half day: $500
Smaller training (2 hours): $350
Full day: $850

All are tailored to the topic of interest for the group.


Services can take place in home, school, summer camp, day care, or any other needed locations, however, most services do include a home-based component.

Determined on an individualized basis, but session frequency can range from being held on a monthly or as needed basis to up to five sessions weekly depending on need and service type.

Also determined on an individualized basis, but typically individual sessions last between one and two hours per session.

Session Arrangement
Sessions can consist of various components including specified time for individual work with child or contracted client as well as incorporating a parent training or family component. In school setting, sessions may be arranged for observation of child or contracted client as well as incorporating time for discussion with classroom instructor. Ratio of time dedicated to each component is developed and individualized for each service recipient.

Data Collection
Some services (particularly behavior consultation and ABA) incorporate a data collection component consisting both of measurable and consistent data collection as well as graphing of said data for evaluation and various reporting needs.

Some services require comprehensive reporting either periodically throughout service for progress documentation purposes or for service summation purposes upon completion of service.

Plans for Service
Various areas of service may also benefit from the development of plans for service typically documenting specific strategies to be employed in detail for parent or individual requesting service to reference when implementing.

Material Preparation
As a component to various services provided by CSFAA, staff may prepare various materials for client use including, but not limited to:

- Reinforcement or consequential charts/materials
- Erasable routine lists
- Various cue or reminder cards to reinforce skills
- Visual placemats for feeding purposes
- Visual schedules or picture representations
- Problem-solving visuals
- Social stories
- File folder activities
- 3D schedules or sequences
- Various programmatic materials


STEP 1: Intake
- General information collection
- Establishment of service needs
- Establishment of session duration and frequency

STEP 2: Contract for Services
- Developed based on service needs
- Concerns service specifics, liability, confidentiality
- Signed and returned to CSFAA before service begins

STEP 3: Commencement of Service
- Service begins per contract outline

STEP 4: Phasing
- As a client demonstrates an ability to independently employ a developed skill, therapist will either identify and work toward additional skills or fade service frequency or duration per collaboration with service recipient

STEP 5: Termination
- Can be identified at intake (in cases of short-term, finite contracts) or is determined through service recipient and staff collaboration upon mastery of skills

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